On-Line Shopping Tips

Whenever the following icons,

cassette-icon.gif (334 bytes),   book-icon.gif (1147 bytes) , and  CD-icon.gif (1270 bytes),

appear on the site, the associated item is available for purchase from Amazon UK's on-line catalog. Simply click on the icon to inspect the corresponding page in the catalog.

If, after this,  you still wish to go ahead and purchase the item, click on:

 addtocart-detail.gif (597 bytes)

At this point you may complete the ordering process by clicking on:

checkout.gif (726 bytes)

Note:  If you wish to order more than one recording or book, don't proceed to checkout just yet. The best way to order another item is to close the Amazon window (Windows users click the button in the upper RH corner of the Amazon window 
Don't worry, you won't lose anything out of your shopping basket). This will take you back to The Telegoons web site where you may click on your next choice. Continue in this way, adding items to your shopping basket, and closing the Amazon window until you are done. Then go through the checkout process.

As you continue shopping, you will notice that your shopping basket remembers your previous choices. You may remove any item by clicking on the sbutton-delete.gif (189 bytes) button to the far right of the shopping basket listing.

Your shopping basket will remain intact for several hours, long enough for you to continue shopping without worry about losing your order.

If after returning to The Telegoons site you decide that your wallet has suffered enough already, and you would like to take your shopping basket straight to the Amazon checkout, one way is to click on this logo:

Amazon UK Home Page

(Note: An alternative method for getting back to the Amazon catalog is to add a dummy item to your shopping basket and then delete it before proceeding to the checkout.)

After the Amazon UK home page loads, click the shopping basket icon at the top of the screen, and follow the instructions.

You may return to The Telegoons by closing this window.