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The British Broadcasting Corporation has an interesting section about The Telegoons on its BBCi Guide to Comedy website here.

Click on the smaller photograph of Eccles and Bluebottle (just below where it says, Gallery Images) and you'll find links for downloading the photo in any of four resolutions—640x480; 800x600; 1024x760; 1600x1200—for use as computer wallpaper, or in the case of the 1600x1200 size, for room wallpaper!! This is one of the best quality pictures of the Telegoon puppets that you'll find anywhere!


An Internet service of BBC Interactive (BBCi), the h2g2 or Life, The Universe, and Everything website has an entry about the Goon Show. It reads, "Mostly harmless." No, just kidding! Click here to find out for yourself what it says.

Note: The h2g2 website was co-founded by Douglas Adams in April 1999. The running of it was taken over by the BBCi in February 2001, as part of a drive to develop new and innovative online services for the BBC. 

GO ON-line

The Goon Show Preservation Society (GSPS)
You can GO ON-line to the GSPS web site by clicking here
E-mail: Steve Arnold    (Archive)
           Les Drew (GSPS Webpages)
           Tina Hammond  (Secretary)
           Nigel Bush   (Treasurer & Goon Show Shop)
           Alastair Roxburgh  (Telegoons Webpages)
           Dick Baker   (U.S. Archives)
US Archives:

The Peter Sellers Appreciation Society (P.S.A.S.)
The P.S.A.S. was founded to celebrate Peter Seller's and his talents.
Website: click here
E-mail: Dimitris Verionis  (Chairman/Treasurer)

The Goon Appreciation Society (of Australia) (G.A.S.)
Web site: click here
E-mail: Allan Peace  ("G.A.S. Bored" Newsletter Editor)

Sussex Branch of the Goon Show Preservation Society of Great Britain
Web site: click here
E-mail: Les Drew (Chairman)
The Sussex Goons are a self-admitted right bunch of idiots who
recently made it into the Evening Argus, with an article entitled,
Goon, but not forgotten: In praise of comic genius.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Web site: click here
The ABC (now called Radio National) still broadcast the Goon Show Friday at 5.30am. Keep an eye out for repeats, as previously the same show was repeated Sundays at 3.30pm. Truly a national institution!
Adelaide 729AM | Brisbane 792AM | Canberra 846AM
Darwin 657AM | Gold Coast 90.1FM | Hobart 585AM
Melbourne 621AM | Newcastle 1512AM | Perth 810AM | Sydney 576AM
and via satellite to over 220 regional centres.

British Broadcasting Corporation
BBC's New Radio 7, a webcasting operation that presents the Goon Show Mondays at 12:30 pm, with the same show repeated at 7:30 pm and 6:00 am, local UK time.

The Goon Show Old Time
This top-rated Internet Radio station runs 24/7 and is operated by Kate Halleron, and originates from Eugene, OR. 
Find it here: All Goon Show, all the time!
weekly rotation of four different shows presented from a library of 148.
Download Player365 (160k) here.

Television Heaven
Web site: click here
"Your starting point for on-line information about some of the finest television shows to grace our screens."
When you arrive, look for "T" under the "Reviews R-Z" link
to find The Telegoons.

Memorable Television
Web site:  click here
Look under "T" to find The Telegoons.

Other links:
The Goon Show news group:
Tony has loads of genuine Goon Show transcripts as well as a collection of non-Milligan (fake) scripts here.  
A great down under (Australian) website is Robert Dickson's Goon Show Page
Robert has loads of Goon Show links here.
The Goon Show Depository has a new Telegoons forum, which can be accessed here.

If there are any other links you'd like to see here, please e-mail me here.

The above links are provided for information only, and in good faith; use them at your own risk.
This website is not responsible for the content of linked websites. 

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