Biography of Phil Grindrod



Born UK.
Cinematography career spans 1932 - 1963.
Phil was no stranger to Tony Young, having worked with him as cinematographer on several of his movies prior to The Telegoons: Hands of Destiny, The Eternal Question, and Port of Escape.

Phil Grindrod was well known on The Telegoons production for feeling the cold more than most, and constantly wearing his overcoat (which became his trademark, and is a sign of alcohol-constricted arteries) to keep warm. Phil also had a habit of pouring large whiskeys into his morning cups of tea -- at 8:00 in the morning! Both of these idiosyncrasies are consistent with advanced stages of alcoholism. Phil's health was deteriorating fast around the time of The Telegoons production, and one particular crisis during the filming had him hospitalized for several weeks. The Telegoons was Phil's last gig; he died of alcohol-related illnesses soon after production was completed.

Cinematographer Filmography:
"The Telegoons" (1963, TV puppet series, 25 episodes) Director of photography for all of the first series, except for pilot film, and all but three episodes in the second series. During these three episodes Phil Grindrod was in hospital for treatment of alcohol-related illness.
Violent Moment (1958) **/2
The Diplomatic Corpse
(1958) ** 
Strange Awakening (1958) ***/2
  ...aka Female Fiends (1958) (USA)
  ...aka Operation Red Head (1958)
  ...aka Requiem for a Red Head (1958) 
El Aventurero (1957) 
  ...aka Sail Into Danger (1957) (UK) 
The Counterfeit Plan (1957) ***/2
The Crooked Sky (1957) **
The Key Man (1957) (as Philip Grindrod) **/2
  ...aka Life at Stake (1957) (USA)
Sail Into Danger (1957) ** 
 ...aka El Aventuro (1957)
Violent Stranger (1957) **/2
  ...aka Man in the Shadow (1957) 
The Hypnotist (1957) **/2 
  ...aka Scotland Yard Dragnet (1957) (USA) 
Port of Escape (1956) (Tony Young dir., Wendy Danielli cast) **
The Eternal Question (1956) (Tony Young dir., Wendy Danielli cast)  
Confession (1956) ***/2
  ...aka The Deadliest Sin (1956) (USA) 
Dial 999 (1955) **/2
  ...aka The Way Out (1955) (USA) 
Hands of Destiny (1954) (Grosvenor Films; Tony Young dir.) **/2 
House of Blackmail (1953) **
Street of Shadows (1953) ** 
  ...aka The Shadow Man (1953) (USA) 
Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary? (1952) ** 
A Killer Walks (1952) *
Death Is a Number (1951) ** 
My Death Is a Mockery (1951) **
George in Civvy Street (1946) **
This Man Is Mine (1946) ***/2
Waterloo Road (1945) ** 
I'll Be Your Sweetheart (1945) **/2 
Bees in Paradise (1944) **
Give Us the Moon (1944) ** 
Royal Cavalcade (1935) ***/2
  ...aka Regal Cavalcade (1935) (USA) 
Love at Second Sight (1934) *
  ...aka The Girl Thief (1934) (USA) 
Radio Parade of 1935 (1934) ***/2
  ...aka Radio Follies (1934) 
A Southern Maid (1933) **
  ...aka Love Wins Again (1933) (USA: video title)
The Indiscretions of Eve (1932) ** 
  ...aka New Year's Eve (1932)

Miscellaneous Crew Filmography:
Broken Journey (1948) Exterior photographer: alpine scenes 
Millions Like Us (1943) Camera operator (uncredited)

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