Biography of Maurice Wiltshire

Maurice Wiltshire c. 1960
Photo courtesy Rowan Wiltshire


Versatile and accomplished English television script writer who left behind a very broad collection of work that spans 25 years, from 1948 to 1973. 
b. 1918, UK
d. Jan 1991, Australia.

Professional script writer, focusing mainly on television comedy.
Often-times was script writing partner with Larry Stephens during the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Left the BBC and moved permanently to Australia round about 1968, where he wrote and edited scripts for ABC (ch. 7 and 9) until 1973.
After his stint at ABC, he returned to his old profession of sub-editing newspapers, at which point he dropped off the television map.

Partial Scriptography:
(Based on information in the Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy, The Goon Show Companion by Wilmut & Grafton, and other sources)
"Australia A to Z" (1970-71) (TV comedy sketch series, 14 episodes, 30 mins, videotape, B&W, ABC) with John O'Grady.  (Note: A follow-up to The Greater Illustrated History of the Glorious Antipodes)
"The Comedy Game" (1971 and 1973) (TV comedy sketch series, ABC) with John O'Grady. (Goons-inspired surrealist humour)
"The Greater Illustrated History of the Glorious Antipodes" (1969) (TV comedy sketch series, B&W, 6 episodes, 30 mins, ABC) with John O'Grady.
"I've Married a Bachelor" (1968-69) (TV series, sitcom, 14 episodes, 30 min, ABC) ...script editor
"I'm Alright Now"
(1967) (TV series, all 20 episodes, ABC) ...writer.
"The Lance Percival Show" (1966) (TV series, 2nd season, 6 episodes, 25 mins, B&W, BBC1) with Lew Schwarz.
Porterhouse - Private Eye (1965) (TV comedy, 1 pilot episode, 30 mins) ...writer.
"HMS Paradise" (1964) (TV comedy series, 13 episodes) ...writer. (Note: TV version of radio's The Navy Lark)
"The Dick Emery Show" (1963-1981 ) (TV comedy series, additional material) ...writer (many other well known writers also contributed)
"The Telegoons" (1963-4) (TV puppet comedy series, all 26 episodes) ...script editor.
"Ghost Squad" (1965) (TV crime series, 52 episodes, 60 mins, B&W, ATV) ...writer
...aka G.S.5 (UK: 3rd season title)
"The Dickie Henderson Show"
(1960) (TV comedy sketch series, 1 episode, B&W, ATV)
"The Goon Show" (1958) (Radio comedy series, co-wrote four episodes with Larry Stephens, when Spike Milligan was indisposed [Series 8: #15 The Thing on the Mountain, #17 The Moriarty Murder Mystery, and #19 The White Neddie Trade. Series 9: #7 The Seagoon Memoirs] ...writer
Notes: The Seagoon Memoirs was Larry Stephens' final Goon Show script. It is interesting that even though Maurice Wiltshire was script editor for The Telegoons, none of the Goon Show scripts he co-wrote with Larry Stephens were used for The Telegoons. I don't think that this was a coincidence; rather I think that Spike wanted to have his name firmly enshrined as script author, and was probably a measure of his high expectations for the puppets.
"Early to Braden" (1957-8) (TV comedy sketch series, 19 episodes, 30 mins, B&W, BBC) ...writer (many other well known writers also contributed.
"The Army Game" (1957-61) (TV comedy series, more than 41 episodes, 30 mins, B&W, ITV) with Larry Stephens
Note: Together with Larry Stephens, Maurice Wiltshire co-wrote 5 out of 13 shows in 1st series, 9 out of 26 shows in 2nd series, an unspecified number of shows out of 39 shows in 3rd series). Due to Larry Stephens' death in 1959, halfway through the 3rd series, Wiltshire went on to write 27 shows in the 4th and 5th series, out of a total of 76 shows. 
"Drake's Progress" (1957-8) (TV series, 12 episodes, 30 mins, two seasons)
Dearth of a Salesman (1957) (Short) screenplay with Lewis Greifer.
Insomnia Is Good For You (1957) (Short) screenplay with Lewis Greifer.
Cold Comfort (1957) (Short) screenplay with Lewis Greifer.
"Two's Company" (1956-7) (TV comedy sketch series, 23 episodes, 30 mins, B&W, Granada) ...writer (alongside Len Fincham, Lawrie Wyman, Johnny Speight, Dick Barry. (Directed by Peter Eton of Goon Show fame)
My Brother's Keeper (1948) (Feature film, B&W, 96 mins, drama) (Script was by Frank Harvey Jr. from a short story by Maurice Wiltshire)

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