Biography of Mike Fox

Mike Fox, 1963
Photograph courtesy
of Violet Philpott

Full name: Michael (Mike) David Fox
Born 1935, London, UK.
Cinematography career spans 1954 - present.

Mike Fox started his film career in 1954 with Morton M. Lewis's Sunset Film Productions Ltd., which occupied the entire top floor at 77 Dean Street, Soho, London, W1. It was there that he first got to know Tony Young and Wendy Danielli, who having founded Grosvenor Films Ltd on 19th January, 1954, were renting one of the offices in Sunset's studio/office space.

GB 943,046 (filed June 29, 1962; published Nov. 27, 1963) Improvements in adjustable supports for cinematographic cameras.

GB 2,277,607 (filed  Jan 7, 1994, published Nov. 2, 1994) Illuminating subjects for cinematography and the like. (also obtained in several other countries).

GB 2, 281,130 (filed  Aug. 20, 1993, published Feb., 22, 1994) Illuminating subjects for cinematography and photography

While working on The Telegoons, Mike nagged Tony Young mercilessly to try and get Spike Milligan to come down for a visit to the production studio, but Spike just would not come. Mike says that he thinks Spike was going through one of his depressive periods at that time (first half of 1963).

Easy Target (2002)(runtime: 10) Director of photography/Lighting Camera (Note: Matt Fox was focus puller)
Shadow of the Vampire
(2000) Camera operator
One More Kiss (1999) (Suzie Halewood writer; runtime: 97) Director of photography
Two Minute Warning (1999)(Suzie Halewood director; runtime: 2) Director of photography
Wild Man Blues
(1997) Second camera: London concert (as Michael Fox)
Fools of Fortune
(1990) Camera operator
Dangerous Liaisons (1988) Camera operator
Hope and Glory (1987) Camera operator
Let's Go (1985) Camera operator
  ...aka Let's Go, Pal (1985) (Japan) 
Superman (1978) Camera operator
  ...aka Superman, The Movie (1978)
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976) Cameraman
The Night Digger (1971) Camera operator
  ...aka The Road Builder (1971)
Lord Jim (1965)

"The Telegoons" (1963, TV puppet series) Focus puller (uncredited) for all of the first series, and all but three episodes in the second series. For these three episodes ( #1, #4 and #9) Mike Fox was upgraded to camera operator (achieving his first screen credits), due to director of photography Phil Grindrod being in hospital due to illness.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Focus puller: second unit (uncredited)

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